1. BROWSE OUR DATABASE – Find Retailer Prices Matched To The Wine You’re Looking For

Start your search with any combination of keywords in any order.
You can search any combination of wine names, grapes, regions, and vintages. Even if you’re not sure how to spell a wine or a region, just type the first few letters. If your initial results include multiple producers, you will first see that list so you can easily choose the producer you’re looking for.

Use the filters on the left to drill down further and narrow the results you see. You can filter by categories such as wine origin (country, region, etc.), variety, color, producer, vintage and more.

When you choose a producer you’ll see a list of all their wines which our participating merchants have for sale today. Click on a single wine and you’ll see the actual retailer offerings for that wine. You can now filter this listing by categories such as retailer location, price range, and bottle size.

2. DIVE DEEP – Search Directly Against The Retailer’s Descriptions To Find The Wine You’re Looking For

Again, start your search with any combination of keywords in any order. Then click on Dive Deep.
Here, instead of searching our database of specific wines, your search terms will be applied against the retailers’ own descriptions for the hundreds of thousands of offerings available that day.

This can be a big time saver if you know the exact wine you’re looking for. Also, even if the wine you’re looking for hasn’t been matched to our database, you can easily find it this way.

You can also filter these results to select specific retailer locations, price ranges, and bottle size.

If you want to purchase or just see this wine on the retailer’s site, click Shop at Website. Click Email Retailer to send an inquiry to them. If you’re logged in to your free Wine Alert account, you can save searches for later by clicking Bookmark.

3. See a problem? Please let us know

We want to solve any issue you encounter.
Every retailer listing in Wine Alert has its own link saying “Report Problem”. By clicking it, you will generate an email to us reporting such problems as mismatched wines, incorrect bottle sizes, incorrect vintage, etc.

Most importantly, we want to ensure that we are working with the best wine merchants in the world. Should you find a problem with any retailer’s listing, please let us know so we can make sure they correct it. Should we find a retailer repeatedly not listing their wines accurately, we will remove their listings altogether.

4. RP CONNECT – Link Your Account To Wine Alert

Browse wines filtered by Robert Parker scores to buy wine with confidence.
Log into Wine Alert with your credentials and incorporate qualitative information into your searches.

You can filter searches by rating range. When you choose a producer and see the list of all their wines which our participating merchants have for sale today, you’ll also see the Parker score for the wines that have them. Click on a wine to see the score, the tasting note, and the suggested drink date for that wine.

These unique, state-of-the-art utilities available with your login allow you to select wines for purchase using the most trusted source of wine criticism in the industry.