Wine Alert is a state-of-the-art service for bringing together fine wine buyers worldwide with highly reputable merchants making it easy to locate and pay the best price for hundreds of thousands of wines. What makes us different? Our primary focus is on providing a user experience that puts the buyer’s needs front and center. Above all, Wine Alert has been designed to provide listings that are as timely and accurate as humanly possible.

We collect our data every day to fully minimize the instance of out of date offerings. We also demand that our participating merchants adhere to a strict code of conduct whereby they won’t list wines that they can’t deliver precisely as offered. We won’t work with merchants who offer “bait and switch” prices or vintages that aren’t actually available.

Our search tools strive to be the smartest in our industry. Our goal is for any wine to be locatable with a minimum of time and effort. Users can start with search terms as broad or narrow as they prefer and our filtering system will allow them to browse our huge and easily understood database. Our “Dive Deep” search tool allows users to zero in on every offer we’ve collected containing a specific search term or terms.

We’re also deeply committed to strong user feedback mechanisms. Each listing contains a link to report any kind of problem regarding that listing, whether it’s a matching error or a problem with the listing merchant. In addition, every page has a support link to ask for help or report any problem with our site or suggestion for improvement. Our goal is the cleanest wine finding service in the industry, and our users are always an invaluable resource.